Home Energy Recovery Unit

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Home Energy Recovery Unit
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Home Energy Recovery Unit

The HERU is a world-first global solution to waste and energy generation.

The patented, micro-scale Home Energy Recovery Unit (HERU) is designed to fit seamlessly into domestic properties; processing all domestic waste into clean energy, to generate hot water for the household. Using patented, controllable and safe heat pipe technology, the waste is heated, decomposed and transformed into synthesized gas, which is cleaned prior to efficiently venting to the atmosphere.

The ground-breaking waste disposal unit resolves significant global issues, regarding waste and carbon. By effectively dealing with waste at the source, the energy efficient device removes the need for large scale, expensive and inefficient waste infrastructure. What was once waste, is transformed into a domestic-generated fuel source to be utilised effectively and without any environmental implications. The HERU will change the way that waste is dealt with on a global scale, generating far-reaching positive impacts on our environment and the world as entirety.

The world’s first waste hybrid boiler, The Heru, is also capable of running on gas to ensure, when there is no waste to process, the unit works similarly to any conventional domestic boiler.


A global solution to the waste crisis – Every household can become a micro-energy generation centre.

A brand new approach to effectively managing waste, on a global scale, has long been needed. The concept of the Heru is simple – process domestic waste at home simply and cleanly, while harvesting the energy to power our homes. With the ground-breaking technology behind this concept, there are many benefits that the waste management unit can provide:

  • Every household can become a micro energy generation centre – households can generate hot water from the domestic waste produced, reducing the household fuel bill buy up to 15%
  • The HERU runs off of a conventional 13-amp domestic plug and at a maximum working temperature of 300°C which is similar to a standard oven
  • Reduced reliance on energy providers and costs
  • Local Authorities can revisit how they deal with waste – using the HERU removes the expensive collection infrastructure required
  • The HERU could remove HGV’s from our roads, making the streets safer
  • The HERU is extremely energy efficient, generating 2.3kWh of energy for every 1kWh required to power the unit
  • Easy adoption and installation of the HERU in either new or existing households
  • The unit could be incorporated with solar panels to reduce carbon further
  • Reduces amounts of nitrogen oxides (NOx) and sulphur oxides (SO2) produced by waste incineration process
  • Lower gas emissions and better quality of the solid residues compared to waste incineration.


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Home Energy Recovery Unit
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