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One for all: With this new ALL-IN-ONE kit you are well prepared for all kinds of damage – small scratches on the cabinet door, a chipped washbasin, an incorrectly set drill hole in a wall tile, scuff marks on a wood table or whatever. With the ALL-IN-ONE Kit you repair a variety of surface damage quickly, effectively and durably. Evade costly and time extensive replacement works and make your rooms and objects look really good again. The ALL-IN-ONE Kit is ideal for facility services, hotels and gastronomy.


The new kit contains almost all kinds of fillers like Duo Royal, Soft Wax, Hard Wax, Hard Wax PLUS, Rex-Lith and Ceramic Filler as well as the fillers for sanitary ceramics and natural stone. Furthermore, various touch-up materials such as the lacquer pens Premium Edge Pen and Brush Pen as well as all necessary accessories and tools. As with all the other assortments and sets, everything is clearly and functionally arranged in this kit