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Herringbone 100% Seagrass

Our Herringbone rug is the seagrass sister of our Pyramid sisal rug. The textural stripes and weave create a stylish yet subtle rug. This rug is effortlessly chic, in a coastal kind of way. It's very versatile and can suit any room of your house - from outdoor entertaining, through to the dining and lounge room. 

Seagrass has a ‘waxy coat’ and although allowing water molecules to enter, dyes and other stains have difficultly penetrating. Its a great product for high transit areas and is washable.


Tiger eye style weave

1 cm size of each knot

1 cm thickness with binding

1.6 cm thickness with underlay

Finish options:

3 cm wide black cotton binding with latex backing

3 cm wide natural jute binding with latex backing

Folded edges with underfelt backing