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Abel Environmental specialises in heat pump applications for developers, national housebuilders and housing associations. We’ll ensure your scheme achieves the highest standards of energy efficiency and meets the latest renewable energy requirements.How heat is provided to community schemes has to change dramatically. Fuel security, rising fossil fuel prices, increasingly tough legislation and the need to combat climate change, are all driving the demand for greater efficiency and the inclusion of renewable energy.This is why many new build and major refurbishment projects throughout the UK must now demonstrate significant use of renewable energy or simply face planning refusal. To reduce reliance on fossil fuels and preserve our energy resources into the future, we must consider alternative heating solutions that harness renewable energy and subsequently reduce energy consumption, lower emissions and increase efficiency.

Key Drivers Encouraging the use of renewable heating using heat pumps

The need to reduce CO2 emissions by 80% by 2050

Reducing the UK’s reliance on fossil fuels

Meeting increasingly tough legislation

Incorporating renewable energy