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Heat Pump Sludge Dryer SBDD

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Heat Pump Sludge Dryer SBDD

Unique multi-effect dehumidification heat pump technology.

Use electricity only, no need for additional thermal.

70C°drying temperature.

Closed cabinet drying, no need for tail gas treatment.

Suitable for municipal sludge and various industrial sludge.

Standard operation consumption is 240~300kw.h/1t.H20 (MAX).

Modularized structure design enables high regulating capacity and easy installation.

Inlet 17% dried solid, outlet 90% dried solid.

  • Region: Asia
  • Country: China
Sludge moisture content reduced from 83%to 30-10% (adjustable as required) Sludge volume is reduced by 67% and weight by 80% Drying process protects organics from losing, and retains the high heat value of dried material, adapting to the organics recycling use in later stage ENVIRONMENT Very little odor emission during the process in a closed cabinet, thus no need for any expensive odor treatment devices Suitable for treatment plant in urban area Clear condensate is easy to deal with at flow head work, saving handling cost
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