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Waste Management and Landfills

With a thorough understanding of the regulatory and business environment affecting the solid waste industry, we offer cost effective and technically sound design and construction services. Our team of environmental consultants and engineers work together to meet your requirements.


Solid waste service offerings, include:

Landfill cells – used to dispose of municipal solid waste, construction & demolition waste, nuclear waste, ash monofills, and other industrial waste facilities

Landfill gas management & beneficial end-use

Leachate management

Landfill closure

Landfill mining, rehabilitation and remediation

Stormwater management

Ash Management

Together with our international partners, we have  extensive experience in designing containment structures such as ash ponds, dams, and landfills that meet stringent regulatory and/or design criteria. Ash management design services include:

Ash conveyance systems

Wet and dry ash disposal facilities

Closure of ash disposal facilities

Structures and piping for water management

Instrumentation and controls

Water treatment facilities

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