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Harsonic Systems

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Harsonic Systems

Harsonic BV pride themselves in being the undisputed leader in systems to remove biofilm and prevent other kinds of fouling. Based in Belgium with over 25 years of experience and a proven track record through relentless testing and research, Harsonic’s team of engineers has perfected their ultrasound technology. They have developed very powerful and effective ultrasound by identifying the ideal working frequencies for both effective results and low on power consumption. It also has their integrated HS technology which is meant to give better results. 

Harsonic are focused on four key application areas;

Recreational marine

Professional marine and offshore

Industrial applications


 Currently, there are broad product range to suit your needs in those key applications

Boatship hulls


Gas/oil tanks

Water tanks

Box coolers

Cooling towers & heat exchangers

Industrial tanks & filters

Industrial pipelines 

Agricultural tanks & pipelines

Open water storage


  • Region: Asia
  • Country: Singapore
CorePlan International Pte Ltd was founded with the idea of making environmentally-friendly solutions available to the wider market
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