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Grid Capital Solar Services

Residential Solar Installation

Your home is your single largest investment and a long-lasting Solar System will ensure your investment will be rock solid for years to come, making residential Solar Installation a necessity.

Adding a solar power system to your home can save you up to 100% of your current electricity bill.  When buying and installing your Residential Solar System, you are buying your electricity for the coming 25+ years today, without future increases.

Systems have a lifetime expectancy of up to 25 years and depending on your current cost of electricity, it is estimated that an investment in solar will take you 4 – 7 years to break even.

How do I actually save?

Your solar panels produce free Electricity during daytime, which you can use in your Home to power your appliances without purchasing the electricity from your municipality and you can FEED BACK excess Solar Electricity to your Municipality.

Commercial Solar Installation

For many business owners, the idea of investing in a Commercial Solar System might seem like a huge expense when there are so many other priorities for the company. 

But if you do consider Solar as an alternative to electricity, you will be in good company.  Major Fortune 500 companies recognize that going solar does offer long-tern financial benefits because there is a direct connection between managing the risks of climate change and the future financial well-being of the company.

The benefit of solar energy is justified purely on financial terms for most businesses, whilst for others it may be a combination of financial, environmental, marketing and green credentials that determine their decision.

With solar systems having a design life of up to 25 years, businesses can now have more accurate model of their costs of electricity.  For most businesses, the cost per kW for solar power will be below the current price of the standard grid rate.

We provide Solar Energy Solutions for commercial and Industrial clients. 

Whether you want to lower your electricity bill or backup power for key equipment, we can discuss solar solutions that suit your business.  We provide solar finance options with no capital outlay, no maintenance costs, up to 25% reduction in your electricity bill and lowering your carbon footprint.

During night time – your excess Solar electricity production can be stored in a Battery.  This enables you to run your Home on Solar Power, even when the sun is not shining. 

And when you are using batteries, your Solar System works during Load shedding and Power Failures.

Solar energy is very efficient and can dramatically lower how much you spend on your monthly electricity account. 

Agricultural Solar Installation

Southern Africa is well-positioned to benefit from the Agricultural solar energy boom because of high levels of solar irradiation.

Generating electricity on farm using solar Photovoltaic (PV) technology can be an important step towards increasing the resilience and sustainability of your business. Solar PV is scalable. Additional modules can easily be added to systems.

The benefits of using solar PV are numerous. Farms and agri-processing facilities require energy for operating pumps, lighting, and other equipment. When solar PV is used to provide some or all of those energy requirements, the cost savings can be very significant over time, leading to higher profitability.

After the Agricultural solar installation, the electricity costs per unit are lower than the rising costs from the grid and the cost of using petrol or diesel to run generators.



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