Greenology Vertical Greenery™

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Greenology Vertical Greenery™
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Phone Number: +65-62141140
Company Address: 289/290 Farnborough Road , 509747 Singapore

Greenology Vertical Greenery™

Designed and made in Singapore using moisture and nutrient-retentive GNanoFibre™ substrate material, as well as sterile soil-less GMatrix™ growing media to recreate natural plant growth for a sustainable living eco-system PSB certified fire-rated greenwall system which complies with FSSD/SCDF requirements One of the most water-efficient systems in the world Fully intergrated with timer-activated irrigation and fertigation   OUTDOOR VERTICAL GREENING From the smallest studio apartment balconies to huge commercial and public spaces, outdoor areas hold a big potential for green walls. A cost-effective vertical garden system grows into a Living Green Skin over urban spaces like roofs, building facades, walls and structures for better micro-climate cooling, dust and sound abatement, human well-being and aesthetics.   INDOOR VERTICAL GREENING From the walls of the smallest studio apartments to the interiors of large commercial projects and a wide range of residences, each requirement for a green wall is unique. At Greenology, we understand that compared to the great outdoors, the indoor environment poses a whole set of different issues for plants to grow and thrive. Lighting, humidity and spatial challenges are distinct to each indoor environment. We complement our indoor green walls with Greenology Grow Lights™ that provides the specific light wavelengths for optimal vegetative growth and flowering. We also believe that plant species choice and mixture is a significant factor for the success of any green wall. We have tested over 600 species of plants and came up with plant palettes that would thrive in various spaces that are either sunny, semi-shaded or which receives zero natural light. Our team of horticulturists, botanists, designers and landscape architects are here to turn your green wall into a reality!

  • Type:Interior Exterior
  • Region: Asia
  • Country: Malaysia , Singapore
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