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GreenLAG® acoustic pipe lagging

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GreenLAG® acoustic pipe lagging

Incorporating the QuietWave® technology. A revolutionary noise barrier.

Improved vibration damping with microcellular noise barrier and solid foam barrier

Reduced installation time - a result of the resilience and softness of the microcellular QuietWave® noise barrier and the special foam decoupling layer

Exceeds the acoustic requirements of the NCC (National Construction Code)

Tough & tear resistant, yet easily cut & shaped

GreenLAG®  pipe lagging was developed to contain the intrusive noise generated by the turbulent flow of waste-water through pipes, fittings and general noise break-out from ductwork, fan housings, valves, and the like in residential, commercial and industrial buildings. As shown on test results, a soft and cellular structure increases ‘Vibration Dampening’ and thus for a given weight and thickness will achieve a better STL (Sound Transmission Loss).  This is one of the reasons ‘GreenLAG®’ is substantially lighter than other thicker products. Another direct consequence of material thickness, is the reduction of the ‘Vibrations Radiating Surface’, when lagged over  pipe.


waste water & storm water pipes

hydraulic pipes

air-conditioning ducts

swimming pool / spa pump lagging & enclosures


fan housings

compressor & generator enclosures


Key Benefits:

Low VOCs (volatile organic compounds) - less than a recognised threshold 0.5mg "Green Star"

Flat foam GreenLAG is the thinnest & lightest BCA compliant acoustic pipe lagging - saving you $$$ in quantities

Flexible, easy to cut & install - saving you previous time

Environmentally safe - no protective wear required

Cost effective - a saving of 12.7% when using Flat foam GreenLAG

Australian designed & manufactured, Australian made


Product Specifications:

GreenLAG® pipe lagging has a noise barrier with a microcellular structure (image below). The soft and cellular structure increases ‘Vibration Dampening’ and thus for a given weight and thickness will achieve a better STL (Sound Transmission Loss).

  • A patented Visco-elastic acoustic barrier using the ‘QuietWave technology’
  • A 15mm or 25mm thick decoupling layer acoustic foam
  • A Special design foil for improved durability

standard roll dimensions 1.3x5m or 1.3x3m

export roll dimensions 1.25x5m

convoluted foam roll 1.3x3m or 1.3x5m

GreenLAG can be supplied in pre-cut strips, bends & junctions - available on request

NATIONAL CONSTRUCTION CODE (NCC) 2019 REQUIREMENTS:   F5.6 Sound Insulation rating of services a)    If a duct, soil, waste or water supply pipe, including a duct or pipe that is located in a wall or floor cavity, serves or passes through more than one sole-occupancy unit, the duct or pipe must be separated from the rooms of any sole-occupancy unit by construction with an Rw + Ctr (airborne) not less than -
i)    40 if the adjacent room is a habitable room (other than a kitchen); or 
ii)   25 if the adjacent room is a kitchen or non-habitable room. 
b)   If a storm water pipe passes through a sole-occupancy unit it must be separated in accordance with a) i) and ii).

"Compliance requirements and ODP-EMI9 requirements in that there are no Ozone depleting substances used

  • Region: ANZ and Oceania
  • Country: Australia , New Zealand
Made out of recycled materials
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