Green Walls

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Green Walls

Turn your boring walls into green artworks. Both external façades and interior walls can serve as the basis for a green wall. The possibilities are almost unlimited. We can even convert the most creative ideas into reality, regardless of form or location. From a vertical garden that turns a commercial building into a real eye-catcher into a green wall that creates peace in the entrance hall of an office or living space.

Green walls are also called green walls, green walls, plant walls or even vertical gardens. It is always about plants that grow in front of a wall. These can be plants that grow in the ground and grow against the wall, but these can also be plants that grow vertically in special modules. A green wall does not always have to be green. The color depends on the choice of plant, the seasons and the weather conditions.

Plant design , a part of De Boer Green , has been THE reference for green walls for years. We work with a non-ground-based, modular system: the Plantbox. The plants are installed in these separate modules, regardless of the wall or the ground. We use peat moss, a 100% natural substrate that can absorb up to twenty times its volume in water so that the water irrigation is efficient and economical. The many years of know-how and thorough plant knowledge of PlantDesign , coupled with the latest technological developments in the field of automated irrigation, guarantee stable and sustainable systems. Not only beautiful, but also good.

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Green walls are green.
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