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Green Turbo

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Green Turbo

TOP 3 Benefits:

• Health & Ecotoxicity

• Fit for Purpose Certified

• Environmental Management System


Green Turbo is a water soluble, powerful and fast acting quick break degreaser that is especially designed to lift oil, grease and other hydrocarbon soils, and then release the oil again so it can be more efficiently separated in an oil separation tank.

Green Turbo can be used to clean up most general soiling, but has been specifically formulated to act as a quick break degreaser for combating hydrocarbons in oil remediation, oil separation tanks, workshops, wash bays, marine and mining industries.



More information:

This product is certified as Bronze Only. Issues of Concern/Red Lights (if needed) The products have successfully passed the GreenTag Health and Ecotoxicity Risk Assessment Process with issues of concern or red lights comments existing regarding the toxicity of the products. The post evaluation risk of these substances have been classified as ‘Low’ as both Bemical and their suppliers have sufficient measures in place to minimize risk. The product is not considered safe for ingestion and should not come in contact with the eyes in its concentrated form. It should not be directly disposed of into natural waterways as the product can be harmful to the aquatic life. If a spill should occur, immediately prevent concentrate from entering drains or waterways and consult a registered waste management company to remove and dispose of according to municipal by laws.

  • Region: Africa
  • Country: South Africa
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