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Green Roofs

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Green Roofs

EnvironArc, UniSA and Living Pictures have formed an alliance to promote green roofs in South Australia.

The urban roof top as a “living” landscape is becoming a new design feature in green architecture. The use of sod or turf to cover and insulate roofs was a common practice in rural Europe, but this is a new approach. Technical advances in waterproof membranes have allowed building designers to incorporate plantings on flat roofed structures; capturing water and supporting the plant medium, but resisting water leakage and root damage. In cities across the world green roofs are being installed as food sources, communal garden retreats, and also to help cool city temperatures.

Another innovation is the vertical wall garden. Ideal for building foyers and atrium spaces as well as compact home garden areas, the concept uses specially designed cells that support the growing medium, plants and watering system.

Consultant Tony Stanton, a horticulturalist/designer/builder, works closely with the EnvironArc team in designing green roof and wall garden systems. The use of low maintenance and low-water need plants is critical for today’s urban environment.

Growth and planting aspects of a green roof project are shown below.

Green Roof Development illustrating:

plant species

planting substrate

growth over time

  • Region: ANZ and Oceania
  • Country: Australia
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