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Gabion is able to absorb wind energy and wave, and hence it can mitigate the scour issue that relates to concrete seawall structure that has impervious sea defence. For foundation and dam type of construction and for corrosion prevention cylindrical metal and caged riprap are used respectively; just like sand or earth-filled gabions will be used in military for life protection against opponents.

Gabion is a welded wire cage filled with stone, concrete, sand, or soil used in civil engineering, road building, erosion protection, military applications and landscaping. The most common use for gabions in construction is for slope stability, such as constructing a retaining wall to prevent topsoil and silt from being washed during heavy rain. It may also be used as a temporary flood wall by stacking the gabions. Additionally, gabions have been becoming increasingly popular in modern and contemporary architecture. Not only are they aesthetically appealing but they also offer exceptional drainage and soil reinforcement. They are low maintenance and do not require a foundation because of their weight, strength, permeability, ability to contour to the ground as well as expand and contract.