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Food Waste Recycling Machine

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Food Waste Recycling Machine

Processes all types of organic waste like curry, roti, bread, egg-shells, chicken bones, fish, fish bones, fruits, fruit peels,vegetables, peels, left-overs of kitchenwaste or any other biodegradable waste is converted into Organic Manure or Compost.


• Designed specifically on the principal of providing complete composting system in a single unit.

• In-built high RPM shredder, composting tank. humidity sensor, moisture control and air ventilation system.

• Fully automatic (option to upgrade for remote access), low power consumption and compact in size.

• SIEMENS sensor board operation on patented technology for automation.

• The temperature required for thermophilic digester is maintained by inbuilt heater.

• 85-90% volume reduction of waste is achieved with NO addition of any micro-organism.

• Besides being a silent machine, it also has NO odor, harmful gases or pathogens.

• Shredder, shaft, blades, composting tank and exterior panels made with high grade SS – 304 material to make sure of maximum life of the machine.

• Internal mixing blades automatically stop when waste input door or compost removal door is opened.

• Automatic overload function (machine comes to a halt in case of overload), with provision for indicators for power, heater, overload and power saving mode

  • Region: Europe , Asia , MENA
  • Country: Belgium , United Kingdom , India , United Arab Emirates
Food waste recycling Solution
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