Food To Fabric Technology

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Company location: United States


The ALT TEX technology is the first in the world to convert food waste into fabric that brings the performance of synthetics, with the biodegradability of natural fibers. The patent-pending technology plugs into polyester’s existing system for highly scalable and economical production – enabling replacement of synthetics at scale. 

How? Food To Fabric Technology.

Food waste, otherwise destined for landfill, is collected from the food manufacturing industry.

Fermentation technology is used to combine food waste with microbes to produce precursors.

Polymers with high strength are created using precursors created through fermentation.

Additives are chemically & mechanically added to optimize strength, flexibility and thermal resistance, creating a resin.

Fibers are extruded by melting the resin and compressing it through small holes, using existing polyester machinery.

Yarn is spun using fibers into various configurations, depending on desired application. Yarn can be used in most polyester applications.

Fabric is woven or knit from yarn into various configurations to create a suite of different fabrics, for sale to fashion brands.