Floating Solar System

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Floating Solar System

With land scarcity in Singapore, we at Sunseap Group set our sights on alternate and creative ways to deploy new solar projects. Sunseap identifies opportunities to utilise water bodies, where large amount of surface area is underutilized as potential solar systems.

These areas present a potential avenue for the city of Singapore to deploy up to 1 GigaWatt-peak of solar systems. Floating solar systems can be deployed on water bodies such as reservoirs or lakes, and has the potential to generate more solar energy as compared to traditional rooftop and ground mounted solar systems.

Solar panels floating on water can generally produce more energy as the water cools down solar panels thus allowing more solar energy to be generated. Furthermore, it can decrease the amount of water lost via evaporation, by providing shading to the water below.

  • Region: Asia
  • Country: Singapore
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