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Fab Array Steel Travel Cutlery – Majenta

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Fab Array Steel Travel Cutlery – Majenta

This product is created as a replacement for disposable cutlery. It’s a compact, low maintenance, most durable, easy to carry alternative to using disposable cutlery offered often when you step out to eat food or during your travel. The perfect combination of Utility, Style, Convenience, Durability and Compactness. And best used :

– During Travel

– A Trekking Essential

– In Your Everyday Lunch Bag

– When you step out to grab some local street food

– During some drinks and fun

– It can basically sit in the corner of your everyday bag – ready for when you need to say “NO CUTLERY PLEASE” & “NO STRAW PLEASE”

– Makes an amazing Zero Waste Sustainable Gift.


  • Region: Asia
  • Country: India
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