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ACTenviro provides full service environmental management services throughout the US. We have the experience and the expertise to help you develop effective programs, comply with environmental regulations and minimize your environmental impact. Our team of highly-skilled environmental consultants is available to provide on-site support, in a full- or part-time capacity, to supplement existing staff or lead delivery of new environmental initiatives.

Regulatory Compliance Support

Electronic Tracking and Reporting of Waste Streams

Formal Site Environmental Compliance Auditing

Informal Compliance Assessments

Maintenance and Renewal of Facility Permits

Workplace Safety and OSHA Compliance

Waste Management & Operations

Compliance Inspections

Disposal Facility Selection and Auditing

EPA/State Annual and Biennial Reporting

Management of 90-day Storage Areas

Manifest Generation and Records Maintenance

Pollution Prevention, Source Reduction and Recycling Plans and Programs

RCRA and State Industrial Solid Waste Permitting

Treatment Systems Operations and Maintenance

TSDF and RCRA-Permitted Part B Facility Operations & Management

Waste Classification and Profiling

Waste Collection, Transportation and Disposal

Waste Management/Minimization Program Development and Training

Hazardous Materials Management

Air Pollution Control District Permits

EPA and State Hazardous Materials Usage/Storage Reporting (TRI/Form R Reports)

Fire Department Permits

Hazardous Materials Business Plan and Inventory Statement

Medical Waste Management Plans

Radioactive Materials License (RML) and Radiation Safety Program Development

Emergency Preparedness and Response

Emergency Preparedness and Response Plans and Services

Evacuation and Emergency Response Preparedness and Training

Spill Prevention Control and Countermeasure (SPCC) Plans

Wastewater Management

Annual Reporting and Training

EPA, State and Local Wastewater Management Reporting

NPDES and State Wastewater Individual Discharge Permits

Storm Water Pollution Prevention Plan (SWPPP) Development

Technical Services

On-site Services

Equipment Decontamination and Cleaning

Chemical Moves

Chemical Inventory

Emergency Spill Response


Environmental Engineering

Closure and Post-Closure Plans, Implementation and Reporting

Environmental Site Assessments

Feasibility Studies

Groundwater Monitoring

Long-Term Monitoring

Pilot or treatability studies

Public Meetings or Hearings

RCRA Facility Assessments

Treatment Systems and Remedial Design, Construction and Operation

UST/AST Upgrades and Closures

Waste Facility Expansions and Upgrades