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Energy from Waste Unit
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Energy from Waste Unit


Management of waste is a global environmental issue with economic, social, and political trends that impose ever-increasing demands upon governments and business organizations to reduce and ultimately eliminate waste sent to landfill or incineration and reduce the carbon footprint of waste management processes, including transportation.

The world’s islands face particular challenges, whether in the Pacific, Indian, or Caribbean Oceans as they attract hundreds of millions of tourists each year, drawn by their natural beauty, unspoiled beaches and marine life. But all too often, behind the pristine images lie a growing range of pressing environmental problems.



Facing these twin challenges of waste management and the need to move away from fossil-fuel powered electricity, it is no surprise that there is increasing interest in energy from waste technology as one part of the solution.


We believe that there are multiple benefits from pursuing a decentralized waste management strategy, not only for islands, but for mainland towns and rural populations throughout the developing world.

In these locations it is not feasible to build expensive static centralised EfW plant and the cost of transportation of waste to main city facilities is prohibitive, both financially and in terms of carbon footprint.

Our containerised EfW plants are fully modular meaning that we can design a solution to meet from 10 to 1000 tonnes of waste per day in a single location or multiple locations as necessary.

The modular plant design is far more efficient in terms of EfW conversion and the small footprint of the units means that they can be located right where the waste is produced, eliminating unnecessary transportation and handling costs. This all contributes towards a more secure energy supply.

This solution is fully scale-able. Each unit delivers 500KW from up to 12 tonnes of feedstock and the number of units can be increased and operated simultaneously according to the client’s energy or waste disposal requirements.

This is ideal for waste to energy projects from 100 upwards and can accommodate projects of several thousand tonnes per day with the ability to upsize or downsize in future depending on changing needs, and the ability to redeploy individual units to other locations if need.


Governments & Municipalities

Agricultural Waste

Food & Drink Manufacturers

Hospitals and Prisons

Large Hotels

Business or Educational Campuses

Airports & Shipping Terminals

All Large-Scale Mixed Waste

100KW, 200KW and 500KW units available


Flexibility application in wide variety of situations.

More efficient and less expensive

Can be redeployed to different locations

Can accommodate varying waste streams

Community engagement and empowerment

Lower level of operator ability required

Multiple employment opportunities

Reduced reliance on diesel-powered grid

Eliminate problems associated with landfill

Steady electricity generation output

Supplements other sustainable energy solutions

Rapid phased deployment

Fully funded, turnkey solution (under LOI)

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Waste to Energy Machine
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