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Energy from Waste

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Energy from Waste

The energy from waste (EfW) industry helps make urban living sustainable by transforming growing waste generation to power generation. However, the process results in net CO2 emissions that are harmful to our planet. With carbon capture and storage at EfW plants, municipalities can move towards negative carbon emissions whilst simultaneously handling waste and producing power.

Tightening Restrictions on CO2 Emissions

Emissions regulations are becoming stricter, and new plants will be required to have carbon capture systems. Carbon Clean partners with plant owners to create an integrated process for the capture and optimisation of gaseous effluents and excess energy.

Emissions from a Mix of Different Sources

Diverse feedstocks from different waste sources at EfW plants lead to varying CO2 concentrations and trace components in the flue gas. Our team and partners have extensive technical expertise in the treatment and conditioning of flue gases with a range of contaminants.

A Roadmap to Achieve Net Zero

EfW plants need the technology, expertise, and guidance to implement affordable and scalable solutions that help them achieve their net zero carbon emission goals. We're on the path to net zero together.

Modular Systems

Modularised and containerised solutions make it easy to scale your carbon capture system to your plant's unique requirements. Image use with kind permission of Doosan Babcock Limited and Newcastle University.

Technology Licence

With our technology licence, the Carbon Clean team will create a custom design for your unique site that makes the most of our CDRMax™ processes.


Carbon Clean's proprietary solvent formulations provide better carbon capture results. They can be used as a drop-in substitute in existing systems or with an integrated carbon capture system.

  • Region: Europe
  • Country: United Kingdom
cost-effective carbon capture technology to industrial emitters at gigatonne scale.
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