EMSOL-BF Boiler Fuel Additive

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EMSOL-BF Boiler Fuel Additive

EMSOL-BF:(Boiler Fuel Additive) for Diesel & Furnace Oil

Colour:Light Red

Application:Intended for fuel burners used in conjunction with Industrial Steam Boilers, Heating& Drying equipment, fuelled by Diesel & Furnace Oil.

Method:Add EMSOL-BF to the bulk storage tank, before refilling. The treatment is preferably commenced after a major maintenance, that includes physical removal of deposits from the heat exchanger surface for best performance.

Dosage :Initial dosage is 1:1000-2000 (1ml per 1 – 2 Litres) followed by 1:3000-4000 (1ml per 3.0 – 4.0Litres) or as determined by trials for optimization of cost & performance

Packing: 2L & 5L plastic containers (Larger pack sizes are available on special orders).

  • Region: Asia
  • Country: Sri Lanka
Pollution Reduction Solutions for Vehicles Yes, EMSOL is 100% safe on Vehicles, Equipment, User&the Environment. Although used in conjunction with liquid hydrocarbon fuels, EMSOL uses the highest quality raw materials to ensure performance and safety. EMSOL has been recommended by Automobile Association of Ceylon and undergone extensive tests by Sri Lanka Transport Board.
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