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Electric vehicle (EV) charging Simple

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Electric vehicle (EV) charging Simple

While many EV drivers opt for charging at home or even charging at work, public networks also provide invaluable charging support, plus the opportunity to extend journey distances. Most networks offer a mix of slow, fast, and rapid charging options.

These public EV charging networks are into three categories: Rapid, Destination, and On-street & Community networks. Zap-Map defines a Rapid network as any network that comprises only rapid charging devices or has at least 50 rapid or ultra-rapid devices.

Networks with live data updates on Zap-Map are indicated with an icon on their respective logos. Updated every five minutes, live data shows a blue marker around charge point icons when it is in use.

Zap-Pay partner networks are indicated with an icon on their respective logos. These networks are signed up with Zap-Pay-enabled public EV charge points. This allows Zap-Map users to search, plan and pay for a charge point through the app.

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  • Country: United Kingdom
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