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Electric tank-less water heater

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Electric tank-less water heater

Rethink shower uses between 1 ~ 2.2 liters per minute (LPM) and consumes 10 ~ 14 liters for an average 8 minutes bath.

SHOWER HANDLE  is 2.2 LPM Low flow shower instant electric water heater low flow infinitely controllable for the flow of water, it  has different modes for pressure cleaning or hydration. Using Ceramic disc contact wet parts, having long service life . 

In first mode only 0.9 LPM of water is pressure ejected in concentrated form  which is useful for removal of soap, dirt or shampoo with relative ease and reduce bath time.

In second mode only 1.6 LPM water is pressure ejected, creating millions of droplets, which is useful for hydration and leading to better cleaning.

In third mode only 2.2 LPM water is used, which enables the user to either use it as hand held or to fix the handle on the wall stand and use our shower system as a over head unit. This enables user to clean inaccessible areas like the back etc with ease.    

PUMP :  Our unit has an inbuilt pressure pump, which dynamically pressurizes the water output, helps in better cleaning, and reduces the time required  for  the bath. The droplet size and pressure not only hydrates but also cleans the skin effectively. Therefore the need to rub the skin after bath is avoided, thus reducing skin rashes, reddening etc. Our shower unit  takes care of the health of the skin in the long run.

POWER :  An average 75% power saving by use of state of the art heating element works silently. Reduction in usage of water by 80% leads to lesser cost of heating, transferring, pumping, storing etc. Water flows through  stainless tube while getting heated, ensures no deposition or scaling thus extending the life of heater. Stainless steel water carrier  tube will not corrode or scale even after long usage. Thus rethink showers have the latest heating technology to reduce power consumption and very high service life. 

DISPLAY &  FEATHER TOUCH : Rethink shower comes with large digital display showing Voltage, Real time Water & Power consumption. The feather touch allows the users to set the temperature or pressure etc with relative ease.

SAFETY :   Rethink is manufactured as per International electro-technical Commission (IEC), CE , CB & GCC, IPX25. Rethink comes with host of safety features, like auto shut down in the event of dry run (No water),   short circuit  or high voltage thus keeping the equipment and the user safe under all condition.  

COST, SPACE & MODULAR DESIGN :   Easy to fit. No  need  of high cost mixers, or extensive plumbing , leading to substantial cost saving . In comparison with the existing systems the pay back for the unit will be less than a year.   Combined with long service life.

LARGE ESTABLISHMENTS OR RETROFIT : Rethink can work along with any existing system with relative ease and yet make substantial saving on water and power. 

  • Region: Asia
  • Country: India

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Electric tank-less water heaters
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