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he most exclusive film series of all six variants is the Ecodrive Ecstatic. Manufactured and designed in Japan using nanotechnology, this high-end glass film comes with a ten-year warranty and is available is Aqua Green shade.

Apart from giving your automotive a touch of magnificence, it is the only film in the its league that provides you with immense optical clarity, offers reflection lower than glass and highest heat rejection. As the name goes, Ecstatic will ensure that you get a value-for-money product that enhances the looks of your vehicle and your driving experience is a memorable one. 

Performance Properties Order Code Visible Light Transmission Visible Light Reflection Ultra Violet Rejection Infra Red Rejection Total SolarHeat Rejection Notes
Aqua Green ET-01 74% 7% 99.6% 99% 74% Best suited for the front/rear windscreen and side glasses