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Ecological Sustainability in Design

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Ecological Sustainability in Design

EnvironArc would like to introduce our Green Building Design, Architectural, Electrical, Mechanical Engineering, Technical and Disability Access services.

We offer the added benefits of Environmental and Asset Management to assist our clients meet corporate and community targets. We can advise clients looking at new building construction, as well as those with an existing structure.

Environmental services include:

Climate change adaptation

Carbon mitigation

Environmental investigation

Green Design Experience

EnvironArc has considerable design experience in sustainable building methods including wind power generation, energy and water efficient designs, straw bale buildings, buildings using total solar energy, minimal water usage, water harvesting, minimal wastage and recycling initiatives.

Power, Water and Waste Minimisation – Building Design

Green Design Experience

EnvironArc promotes best practice in environmentally sustainable building design, to reduce energy use, water use, energy costs, wastage and greenhouse emissions.

We utilise the Australian Building Greenhouse rating system, the Green Building Council of Australia – Green Star rating system, the Building Code of Australia energy rating systems, ISO 14001 and the Australian Standard AS 3598-2000.

EnvironArc can:

coordinate GBCA Green Star rating assessments.

organise NABERS energy rating assessments.

work with clients to establish Energy Management Systems (ISO 14001).

work with clients to develop Energy Management Programs.

carry out Energy Audit levels 1, 2 & 3 (AS 3598-2000).

provide AS 3598-2000 training in Energy Audits.

provide Building Code of Australia Energy Star calculations.

  • Region: ANZ and Oceania
  • Country: Australia
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