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Eco Sports Flooring

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Eco Sports Flooring

Functional Solutions

At Ecoflor, we partner with one of Europe’s leading sports floor manufacturers to bring you the best in seamless polyurethane sports flooring. This ensures our sports flooring solutions not only offer the highest level of comfort and safety to our users, but also deliver exceptional technical performance.

We install your flooring quickly, working around the clock to minimise downtime while delivering an exceptional standard of service and installation. The result is a cost effective sports flooring project that’s delivered on time, on budget and to brief.

Ensure safety and provide the perfect place for play with seamless sport flooring from Ecoflor. Developed for both professional and recreational sports, our smooth and hazard proof surfaces are flawless, slip-resistant and designed to hold up under heavy usage. That means no trips caused by uneven surfaces, fewer slips and longer lasting floors that are simple to clean and maintain over the long term.

What is Seamless Flooring?

Our seamless sports flooring is all about providing a high quality playing surface for sportspeople at every level. From indoor 5-a-side matches and basketball games, to fitness classes and table tennis, our seamless flooring is perfectly smooth and flat, with no lumps, bumps or cracks. This means that your patrons and staff can play in perfect safety, with no falls caused by your flooring.

Slip & Wear Resistance

The smoothness of our seamless sports flooring isn’t its only advantage. Designed with both slip resistance and wear resistance in mind, our PU sports flooring systems also minimise slips and go the distance – even when exposed to heavy, long-term use.

Multi-Functional Flooring

Durable and elastic, our sport flooring system is suitable for all sports and ideal for multifunctional spaces too. Premises which are used for both fitness and for other events (including exhibitions, exams and assemblies) benefit particularly from this flooring option. You’ll find our seamless PU sports floors beneath your feet at numerous schools and community spaces across the UK.

How does it work?

This system has a number of layers which can be customised according to your unique specifications. The most crucial layers of this epoxy flooring system are:

A highly resilient granular rubber base mat, powerfully glued to your substrates

A self-levelling polyurethane elastic wear layer

A wear-resistant matte top coat finish

This combination of layers has been EN14904 and DIN 18032-2 tested to confirm its performance. It’s also incredibly easy to renovate with PU sport polyurethane resin, making occasional maintenance and upkeep swift and simple.

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