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Eco Friendly PVC O pipe

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Eco Friendly PVC O pipe

Molecor technology offers the technology for PVC O pipe manufacturing adapted to any specific need, technical requirement and market standard. For that purpose, Molecor builds long term relationships with its clients to back up every phase of the project, before, during and after the industrial technology implementation.


Polyvinyl chloride (PVC) is essentially an amorphous polymer in which molecules are aligned at random. However, by stretching the material and under certain conditions of pressure, temperature and speed, the polymer molecules can be aligned in the same direction as it has been stretched. Depending on the parameters of the process – especially the stretch ratio – it is possible to achieve a greater or lesser degree of orientation. The result is a plastic with a laminate structure, whose layers are visible to the naked eye.

Efficiency and cleanness: easy maintenance, start-up and diameter change

Safety: the absence of boiling water prevents from leakages risks

Cost effectiveness: energy applied just to the pipe through specific air distribution

Pipeline tightness

Molecor technology ensures pipe tightness by incorporating in the orientation process the socketing conformation, to ensure the maximum quality and offer the following union systems: Integrated-socket-system

Socket conformed at the same time as the orientation process

Maximum orientation degree guarantee

No extra maintenance, time for changing, etc.

Degree of orientation

The best mechanical properties

Maximum material savings

A real competitive advantage, the best properties at the best price

In-line process

Maximum effectiveness

Minimum labor required

Standard factory lay-out, even for the biggest pipes

  • Region: Asia
  • Country: Malaysia
eco-friendly PVC-O pipes
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