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Domestic Bio Gas Plants

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Domestic Bio Gas Plants

Vivesty green is fabricating portable bio-waste management plants capable of treating the wastes generated in houses, for producing green gas and bio manure, for making them available to the beneficiaries. The bio-waste treatment plants designed by Vivesty green are suitable for installation by replacing them from one place to another according to will, easy to be installed, capable of treating wastes very effectively and also suitable for installation in areas where adequate space is not available.


  1. By making use of the biogas produced from the plant as cooking fuel, the use of other fuels for cooking, purposes can be reduced and thereby gain financial benefit
  2. The wastes thrown out in houses and the premises including the droppings of birds and dung of animals could be treated in a scientific manner, and the houses and the surroundings are kept clean and tidy thereby the health and hygienic life of people could be maintained.
  3. By using the bio manure for agriculture the use of chemical fertilizers can be reduced and the expenses for the manure can be saved. Quality vegetables and grains can be produced by the application of bio-manure.
  4. Using bio-methanisation technology all domestic bio waste including wastewater can be treated hygienically and biogas, a very good cooking fuel is produced. This helps to prevent the tendency to throw the waste materials in roads and public places
  5. Generation of cooking gas at household level helps to overcome fuel crisis to a great extent. The space required for a domestic plant (1 Cum) is one square meter. The time required for the installation is 1- 4 hours, depending upon the model of the plant. The gas generated from the waste of a family of 3 -5 members is sufficient enough to work a single burner stove for more than 2 hrs every day.
  6. The return on investment of a domestic biowaste treatment – bioenergy plant is also very good. A 1 Cum plant is sufficient to save the 70% - 90% consumption of firewood or other cooking fuels every day. Within 2 years the entire investment will be got back as cooking gas and liquid fertilizer. The benefit from the methane emission reduction is another added advantage.

  • Region: Asia
  • Country: India
Vivesty Green is a designer, manufacturer, supplier and installer of renewable energy systems and a complete environmental solutions company.
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