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Our  blue  planet  dictates interdependency   for   health  &  survival  of  every  living  being.  Soil  &  life always  intertwine,      We  are  intelligent  to  learn,  adapt  &  co exist.  For it is  wisdom of  existence.




·        Forty five  percent of the world's food, including half its livestock, is produced in the dry areas. Of the 2.7 billion people that live in the drylands, it is estimated that about 40 million live in deserts that typically receive under 100mm of rainfall a year. 

·        Covering about one-third of global land surface, deserts are characterized by little to no rainfall, poor and sandy soil, extreme temperatures, scorching winds, little water catchment potential, and almost complete reliance on often non-renewable groundwater.

·        Yet, the sustainability of vulnerable desert agriculture is gravely threatened by several factors that combined, form a perfect storm situation. Climate change, population pressures, inappropriate land management practices, extreme temperatures, low soil fertility, limited availability of organic matter, water scarcity and salinity, wind erosion, high evaporation rates, and isolation from energy sources and markets are all factors that combine to form a bleak outlook for the family farmers who live there. 

·        But despite these threats, decades of research and technological development have meant that desert agriculture is no longer confined to isolated patches such as oases and has made great strides forward. 

·        The expansion of desert farming, which encompasses horticulture production, date palms, irrigated forages, rangeland rehabilitation, protected agriculture, livestock, and fish production, has also been spurred by the willingness of many countries, states, and governments to create supportive policies that encourage desert farming to help reduce their reliance on food imports, and to promote added-value products for export such as organic produce. 

·        Yet, deserts are a source of livelihood for millions of people. But the food systems and agro biodiversity of deserts are under threat, which is where khuba group  comes in, to protect and enriches the soil with organic matter and microorganisms and improves water holding capacity with tailor made products.





·        Humans need essential minerals and nutrients for strong, healthy growth, so do the world's crops. 

·        Natural minerals replace the nutrients that crops remove from the soil. Without the addition,  crop yields and agricultural productivity would be significantly reduced. That’s why mineral fertilizers are used to supplement the soil’s nutrient stocks with minerals that can be quickly absorbed and used by crops.  Thus, in order to meet human nutritional needs in the crops and meat we eat, we need to replace what we take out. 

·        A balanced nutrient supply from the soil is the foundation to help large populations avoid nutrient deficiency related health problems. 

·        Put simply, to: Provide nutrients not available in the soil / Replace nutrients removed at harvest / Balance nutrients for better produce quality and higher yield.   Refer: SOIL HEALTH IMPORTANCE





·        Water  &  plant nutrients  are scares in deserts,   the first issue of water loss  / percolation (Water draining into the sand & rock)  is commonly addressed by use of plastic sheet  / liner but it leads to plant drowning,  loss of exchange capacity  (Commonly known as breathability), Leaf  yellowing, stunted growth etc. The use of plastic liner can be avoided by using our natural minerals. 

·        KHUBA SOIL CONDITIONER  to address  these  issues we   have  specially formulated  /  tailor made  products  for deserts,  arid and  area having less water. 

·        KHUBA SOIL CONDITIONER  works as  WATER  LOSS  BARRIER,   allowing  easy  breathability to plants   and simultaneously delivers  all nutrients sustained manner   required for plant growth.

·        Water retention: To avoid water loss due to percolation, use minimum ONE INCH LAYERING of KHUBA SOIL CONDITIONER  to  form a bottom layer of the Pit for plant or  to  the  land intended for farming.

·        This will avoid water percolating to the ground and yet provide breathability which is essential for plant survival.  

·        Add 1/10 of Khuba Soil conditioner along with mud used for refill.  This will  provide easy access of macro & micro nutrients to plants.

·        Such  plantation do not require fertilization for 2  to 3 years.  

·        Water saving is done by retention of applied water,  and  by drawing  moisture from atmosphere.  

·        Our product retains precious water and simultaneously provide essential  nutrients to plants for better growth. 

·        Creates conducive environment for growth and higher yield even in deserts, arid or semi arid lands. 

The application, videos,    product information is available:


عربي - صحراوي - زراعة الأراضي شبه الجافة

عربي - صحراوي - زراعة الأراضي شبه الجافة



·        There are several organic fertilizer benefits, some purely altruistic, others much more self-interested. First of all, most inorganic fertilizers provide only that well-known trio, nitrogen (N), phosphorus (P), &  Potassium (K). These three, known as the macro-nutrients, are indeed required in greater quantity than any others, but they are only three of the thirteen nutrients plants need. The three chemicals that qualify as secondary nutrients, calcium, sulfur, and magnesium are generally ignored, as are the trace nutrients, boron, chlorine, manganese, iron, zinc, copper, etc. While these are needed in far smaller quantities than the macro-nutrients, they are still essential.  

·        Khuba Soil Conditioner contain all the above mentioned & many other trace elements that plants may need and which are not found in most chemical formulation. 

·        Our products are  derived  from mineral source   which   take care of the earlier  negative impacts,  provide higher  yield,  and  regenerate the  damaged soil  and  reduce  the need for application of  external fertilizer and  make  them largely self sufficient over a period of time.

·        It is made with  multiple  selected natural minerals,   which contain  all major and micro  nutrients with  many other trace elements that plants may need and which are not found in most chemical formulation.


Apart from nutrients required, there are many aspects  like :-

·        ONE STOP SOLUTION, farmers do not need any other  fertilizer to grow  any crop in any kind of soil. Khuba Soil conditioner delivers all nutrients together.

·        SUSTAINED  RELEASE, makes  availability of nutrients for entire tenure to the life of  plant.  This ensure production of sugar and supply of food to   living organisms in the soil  to provide nutrients, back to the plant for better growth and healthy yields.

·        NUTRIENTS   Macro & Micro available having sustained release,  helps in better health of  soil  organism to ward off any diseases,   establish  better network  for communication between plants for nutrients  exchange  or ward off  predatory attacks, leading to reduced  use of  pest control.  Thus a robust healthy plant & a healthy produce.

·        HEALTHY FUNGI   in  soil  are  natural   controller  of  predator like  nematodes,   because  fungi  are carnivorous by nature and prefers  nematodes  and they  also converts any  dead insects or animals naturally.  Thus reducing need of pesticides,  while making the soil healthy.

·        HYGROSCOPIC nature helps,  retain water fed,  keeps surrounding cool  and  also  draws water from atmosphere  helping plants to grow better. 

·        REDUCTION OF FERTILIZERS  USE over a period of time, becomes possible as the fertility of the soil increase and becomes healthy. 

·        DAMAGED / OVERFERTILZED LAND RECOVERY for agriculture is possible with use of natural soil conditioners on multiple application.  The yield can be enhanced with slight increase of doses in the initial year.

·        REDUCTION OF PEST CONTROL, providing required nutrients enables  enable  plant immune system and it is directly linked to its robust health. Plants need passive immunity derived from balanced chemistry, and active immunity due to plant biology.  Natural immunity   means reduction of pest controls.

·        TAILOR MADE soil conditioners can be provided to specifically meet the soil & crop growth need.

It is not just  nutrients,  we have to weigh, but   how they are delivered,    their compatibility,  reduction in usage  and many more,  such   attributes are  to be considered  to  make a healthy soil,  and a healthy soil makes a healthy plant which provides us nutritious food.    Further,  details  are provided  in   comparisons  and  FAQ.

It is  now, time for  sustainable agriculture farming in sustainable ways,  meeting  present needs, without compromising the sustainability of future generations.  Now  it is essential  to increase our knowledge base on sustainable agriculture for healthy living, sustenance and benefit of mankind. 

Our happy farmer, their crops, names & contact details  are  available  for you to interact directly about Khuba Soil  Conditioner benefits & their experience on   FACEBOOK  -  YOUTUBE


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·        It includes broad and diverse formulations of products that provide plants with nutrients and/or improve organic matter in the soil. 

·        They are applied to plants and/or soils to improve soil fertility, plant vigor, produce quality and yield. Our products can be used in both organic and conventional agriculture.

·        It includes three specific product categories: Natural nutrients, Natural mineral and soil improvers. 

·        Its main function is to provide nutrients under organic forms from natural, mineral and organic materials. 

·        It reduces dependency on chemical inputs &  pest control.

·        It enhances the biological activity and biodiversity of soils,   the quality attributes of produce as well as yield. 

·        It helps in facilitating, slow release of nutrients in response to the needs of plants.

·        It helps efficient use of water to render crops more resilient and drought-resistant. 

·        It enhances crop resistance to erosion by improving the soil’s organic matter content. 

·        It reduces soil poisoning caused due to excessive application of pesticides, weedicide.  

·        It enriches soil with bio flora & fauna, reduces soil born / fungal diseases & gives higher yield.  

·        It is neutral  to  plants at time of stress in the event of excessive heat or water logging or cold seasons; whereas chemical fertilizers need controlled weather conditions for the proper intake of the nutrients, which is not possible.  

·        It has beneficial effects on Long and short term effects for plant grown including beneficial higher yield in spite of variations in the surrounding weather conditions which is beyond human control.  

·        It bears healthy plants yield high quality produce, & extends shelf life.



FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

·        What is it: · Is your product a fertilizer ? No it’s a soil conditioner. What form ?  Powder.

·        Why do you call it soil conditioner ? Our product enriches the soil with required natural minerals to create a helpful and or conducive state of environment for plant growth. It boosts both nutrient efficiency and organic matter content in the soil.

·        Do you have different products for various crops ? No our product is balanced with required minerals and is generally suitable for all types of soil. 

·        If it is mineral enriched soil, can we plant seeds directly in your product ? Yes you can plant seeds directly,  but it is not advisable as cost of cultivation goes up.

·        Is it organic ? It is organic as the contents are combination of natural minerals.

·        How do we test, that it is organic ? You can grow few plants in a pot using only our product and test the plant & yield  to confirm its authenticity. Note: do not mix any other soil which may contaminate the plant intake and also test quality of water,  used for watering the  plants.

·        Do we need to increase or decrease the application over a period of time ?  It will decrease on multiple applications  as the farm becomes more fertile and gets stabilized.

·        Does your  product play any additional role ? yes our product has capacity to retain water and keep the surrounding area cooler and nutrients are released in sustained manner as per the dynamic needs of the plant, thus making the plants healthy & robust. 

·        What if the farm is having excess or reduced nutrients in specific area? Farmer can provides us soil test report,  based on  which we can tailor make our product to meet  shortfall in soil  or for specific crops. Such requirements may kindly be discussed with  manufacture directly.


·        How should I use it ?  You can use it while tilling or spread it by tractors or sprinkle it with hands or you can mix it with water & spread it in farms. 

·        How to apply in farm land ?  You can use the total quantity for the entire tenure of the crop at once while preparing the land, or while seeding or after seeding.  Thus reducing labor cost.  Alternatively you can apply in parts as usual. 

·        Will your product work for entire tenure of 9 months for sugar cane  or in some cases like Mango’s where the crop is on yearly basis ? Yes our product is suitable for single application preferably at the start of planting  for better results  and our product  sustains for entire tenure.

·        How can you use all required material at once? Our product has been designed for slow release of nutrients in response to the dynamic needs of plants.

·        What will happen if it rain heavily after total application ? if the top soil is carried away due to heavy rains, our product is lost along with it. In such fields, it is advisable to apply in parts.

·        What happens if your product falls on leaf or roots directly ? Our product does not harm in any way because our product is neutral in nature. 

·        What if we use excess ? It does not harm the plant, as you can grow any plant directly in our product, but cost of cultivation goes up. 

·        What if we use less ? the plant will be under nourished.

·        How much should we use & when?  Generally apply  same quantity as you were earlier applying other products and at the same time.

·        Every land is different so how do we know what quantity to apply? To know the real potential of your field for any particular crop, mark small area and test run using, different  quantities  of the product. Thus you can conclude  quantity,  cost and its benefits.

Watering the fields:


·        Chemical based fertilizers need heavy watering after application, how much water is needed for your product?  It would be similar  as that of general fertilizers. 

·        What if the farmer is unable to water his farms after application?  Our product does not harm the plant in such event.  Yet for better results it is advised to water the crops after application as early as possible. 

·        What are the effects of excess water in the field? Our product efficacy  is not lost in the event of water logging, until and unless it is washed away.

·        Effects  of  water logging ? Our product efficacy  is not lost in the event of water logging.

·        What are effects  in the event of hot or cold season? our product does not create  stress in such events.

·        Can it be used in drip irrigation? No this product cannot be used in drip irrigation.

Combination of soil conditioner with others:

·        Can we use conventional organic fertilizer with your product? Yes our studies have shown that use of organic fertilizer preferably farm waste and the like in combination with our product yield good results. 

·        What quantity is to be used?  It  is similar quantity as that of chemical based fertilizer should suffice to give similar results. Yet the farmer may try out variation by in small patches and decide upon the matter.

·        What other fertilizers are required to be used with your product?  If the farmer uses required quantity of our product, then we do not need any chemicals based fertilizers.

·        Can we use your product along with chemical based fertilizers? There is no harm in using it, the farmer may try out different combinations to suit his crop and fields. 

·        How can we compare? Use our product independently to know the difference on output and cost of cultivation.


Soil  improvement:

·        How do you improve soil? Our product carries required natural nutrients which nurture the soil with organic matter that reduces dependency on chemical inputs.

·        What do natural minerals do? They restore depleted mineral content and maintain soil fertility to nurture plant growth.

·        Does it enhance biological activity?  Our product enhances biological activity and biodiversity of soils,   it decomposes  organic material to its essential elements. thus improve the efficiency of nutrient use to produce more robust crops, thus  help enhancing the quality attributes of produce as well as yield. 

·        Does it improve organic matter?  Our product enhances organic matter in soil. 

·        What if the lands are alkaline or acidic?  Our product is Neutral  (7 pH) by  nature, it helps, to sustain,  thrive  and  enhances the microorganisms,  decompose other available organic material to its essential elements.  which naturally balance the soil. 

·        Can we use your product in fields which were earlier over fertilized,  over exploited  and have now become barren ? Yes even in such fields our product has shown excellent results.  We suggest increase  usage, slightly higher dosage for such barren land in the initial year. 

Environmental Impact:

·        What are the  impacts on environment? Our products do not have any impact on the ecosystem as all the ingredients are from natural sources. 

·        What happens if it leaches or spreads in  surrounding  environment?  it does not have any negative impact to surrounding region. 

·        Why & How  your product will not have negative impact ?  Minerals  are  stable by nature, it is their basic nature, hence do not react to water / air  like fast acting chemical / synthetic fertilizer.  Thus  even if they spread  they are  mainly  utilized by  natural organism to break them down which is  healthy as they  survive and enhance the health of soil. 

·        Does your product help in reducing earlier impact of excessive usage of pesticide, weedicide or chemical fertilizers? Our product reduces earlier soil negative impacts and the results can be seen on multi applications over a period of time as the soil health improves.


Visible Results:

·        Will there be delay in results?  Yes in comparison with chemical based fertilizers by about two weeks.

·        Why the delay?   We allow  nature  to convert  the mineral naturally for plant uptake while  allowing the soil health to improve simultaneously.

·        Will such delay be reduced?  Yes after minimum 3 to 4 application, and soil health is robust.

·        When can the results be seen in farms?  Visible results can be seen after 4 weeks of application and major changes can be seen after multiple application. 

·        How will the final produce be?  Farmers have reported  the yield to be fully grown, glossy, and consistent in size, weight,  taste  better, have natural aroma  and have longer shelf life.   


Make desert green


SAVE WATER, avoid percolation & simultaneously provide nutrients to plants


Create pit in the area desired for farming depending upon crop requirement

 Spread Khuba Soil Conditioner evenly, with  minimum thickness of 1inch for depth 12 inches  and 1 ½ inch for higher depths and for land  with sand & rocks increase the thickness to  minimum 2 inches. 





LARGE FARMS OR SMALL PATCHES AS REQUIRED TO SUIT THE CROP. • Refill sand without disturbing the layered Khuba Soil conditioner. • Fertilize with Khuba Soil Conditioner plants while seeding the conventional way. • For better results add about 10% of Khuba soil conditioner to sand being refilled. • Such fields will require bare minimum fertilizers to advance initial stages of growth.



PACKING 1 KG / 50 KG / Jumbo Bag





Other - Sustainable agriculture products


Plant extracts,  to support  regain health of  plant & soil  to build natural resistance from within, in the event of stress.  



Mineral based nutrients for plant for sustainable farming and healthy yield.   



To boost an all round development of the crops by regulating their metabolic activities from root to the leaves, in the event of stress. 











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