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DeHoust GWM Waste Water Recycling Product Range

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DeHoust GWM Waste Water Recycling Product Range

Recycling shower, bath and hand-basin water in a 3-stage process, that includes course pre-filtering, biological treatment – and finally bio-membrane filtration.

The BMT process filters the water through pores 2500 times finer than a human hair, and provides an impenetrable  barrier for all particles, bacteria and absorbed viruses – without chemical additives. The result is crystal clear, hygienic, and odourless process water to utilize in applications where precious potable-grade water is not required.

Fully automatic, closed recycling system that is low-maintenance, not dependent on the weather and features low operating costs.

Where is the process water used?

Toilet flushing

General building/dwelling cleaning


Car washing etc.

Who can use the DeHoust GWM Watermanager?






Gyms, leisure, sports and wellness centres

Student residences


Mixed-use developments

Available range

GWM 500

GWM 950

GWM 1150

GWM 2000

GWM 3000

GWM 6000

GWM 9000

GWM 12000


  • Region: Africa
  • Country: South Africa
Waste water recycling solution
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