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Company location: New Zealand


Much work is being undertaken and development of this product, with a corrugator being purchased to enhance the R&D of corrugated Rockstock. Some well known brands including Asus and Gateway are now using corrugated stone paper to package  products to reduce  their environmental impact.

Product is now available on indent in sheets and reels with a standard sheet size 1080 x 1080mm (other sizes on application) or in reels at 1080mm wide.

Four products are currently available: (see below)

2 layer E Flute  (RPD200 + RPD200)               2 layer B Flute  (RPD200 + RPD200)

3 layer  E Flute (RPD200 + RBD200 + RPD200)         3 layer  B Flute (RPD200 + RBD200 + RPD200)

(Heavier RBD boards available on request.  Although more expensive than conventional kraft they do give a very strong product  and are recyclable.