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Community Solar

Community solar is a new program passed in states across the country that enables virtually anyone to support clean energy for free, and save on their electricity each month.

Instead of installing solar panels on your home, households and businesses can now sign up to receive clean energy credits from a local solar project. These credits lower your energy cost each m.onth.  In addition, because renewable energy has first priority to the grid, this energy replaces fossil fuels, lowering emissions in your community.

Virtually every household in the state qualifies for these new programs. Common Energy have signed up over 3,000 households and we need your help to reach more

How it works:

1. Check Availability

Enter your zip code and utility to see if we have a clean energy project in your area.

2. Connect Your Utility

Enter your utility account information to connect your account to a new clean energy project. If you don't have your information with you, our tools enable you to quickly access your account.

3. Provide Payment Info

Once you are connected to a project, you will receive clean energy credits and pay your utility through Common Energy. Your connection to the grid will be exactly the same, you will just pay less!

Each month you will receive a Statement of Savings from Common Energy. This statement will show your original bill, your savings with Common Energy, and your positive environmental impact.

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