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Coconut Water

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Coconut Water

Royce Food Corporation is a trusted manufacturer and exporter of Coconut water. Our Coconut water is produced organically and manufactured with tested with the latest technologies to guarantee quality and freshness.

What Is Coconut Water?

Coconut water is basically the clear liquid found inside green, young (about 5-7 months old) tender coconut. This clear liquid contains various essentials such as vitamins, minerals, sugar, electrolytes, amino acids, phytohormones, and cytokine. Young coconuts are favored for their water as it is tastier, plentiful in volume, and much easier to access, just by chopping the top off the softer shell. Coconut water contains potassium, which is essential for heart health, good skeletal, and muscular function. Coconut water has only 45 calories in a cup and is a great substitute for higher calorie drinks like sodas or juice.

  • Region: Asia
  • Country: Philippines
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