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No more single-use plastic forks. The coconut forks has been crafted using the finest sustaibale coconut shell. Every part of the coconut is used from the coconut juice for beverages, to the husk used to make our bamboo straw cleaners. Our cocunut spons are strong and sturdy coconut spoon is perfect for any type of meal or desert.

Easy to wash and Safe for you, your children, and our planet!  Carrying around your own forks may seem like a cumbersome task. You will be pleasantly surprised by the lightweight feel of the package and the ease in which it can be tucked neatly into your backpack, briefcase or handbag. 

✔From 100% natural sustainable coconut
✔Organic hemp
✔Food-Grade Certified 
✔Biodegradable, Compostable & Reusable
✔Vegan & BPA-Free