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Clean Energy Solutions

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Clean Energy Solutions

Ultimate Partner For Green Initiatives

Since 2013, LYS Energy has developed and operates high-quality solar PV systems in Singapore and across the region. LYS Energy is committed to achieving holistic experience to our customers by providing sterling customer-centric solar energy solutions, safe and consistent precision engineering to them while helping to embrace their sustainable development goals.


Customer Experience: Our Highest Priority

Customer centricity and excellent performance-focused, our solar PV systems rely on cutting-edge technologies that scale with our customer’s business. Throughout our extensive experience, we enable companies to reach their sustainability goals by providing zero-hassle and fully integrated solutions while offering immediate and tangible economic value.


SolarEnergy Explained

Turning Complexity Into Simplicity

To generate elegant solutions, LYS Energy break down and transform the complexity into simplicity throughout the entire process by employing the best resources, fostering honest communication. Simplicity requires discipline actions towards delivering a faster and reliable achievements.

We offer a customized solar solution that empowers your business to reduce energy costs, and fulfil your sustainability ambitions, smoothly and with minimal risks. We perform energy and site audit, system design, financing, permitting, installation, monitoring and operations, to enable an effortless transition to cleaner energy.

LYS Energy’s flexible financing options are tailored to fit the needs of your business. Our competitive pricing schemes provide visibility and price certainty for the length of the contract, allowing you to enjoy savings even in an environment of energy price volatility.


Choose your solution and financing options.

Preliminary study and quotation will be given to you after the first meeting with our commercial consultant.


LYS Energy manages the entire solar project.

We take care of the project development, finance, engineering, installation, HSE, operation and maintenance, to any hurdle that might occurred during the process of going solar.


Enjoy the benefits of solar.

Monitor your solar energy and, communicate on your energy savings and green branding.

  • Region: Asia
  • Country: Indonesia , Malaysia , Singapore , Thailand , Vietnam , Taiwan
Solar energy solutions for Residential and Commercial
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