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Company location: United Kingdom


An educated combination of design, affordability and performance, ST CLASS is the perfect choice for architects, clients and contractors, providing a superb 0.95 NRC these quick and easy to install acoustic panels provide the desired absorption in any education and commercial project.

Manufactured from the same environmentally friendly material as the highly desirable range of Soundtect 3-D panels the all new Soundtect Class range is also complimented by ‘Class Above’ a stunning range of baffles and rafts.

Simple installation brackets mean that not only are the panels unbelievably cost effective & aesthetically pleasing but the ease and speed of installation means that the new range from ST is in a ‘Class’ of its own.

Undoubtedly the most cost effective high quality high performance wall panels, baffles and rafts welcomed by many clients globally

Product Benefits

Soundtect Class panels reduce reverberation by offering Class A absorption to increase speech intelligibility in a specific area while reducing background sound noise levels.
The panels are easily to install; wall mounted or used to create floating ceilings that absorb sound and enhance sound quality.

Product Specifications:

Width Height Depth
600 600 50mm
600 1200 50mm
300 1200 50mm


100% polyester(PET) over 50% recycled

Test Results:

Acoustic: 0.95 Class A

NRC BS EN ISO 354:L2003 tested at SRL UK.

Fire: Class 1 – BS1 D0

Tested to: EN ISO 11925-2 Small flame attack
/ EN 13823: 2010 Single Burning item