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Cinema Seating Aladdin

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Cinema Seating Aladdin

The demand for luxury cinema seating is rapidly increasing – right across the globe exhibitors are embracing premium cinema. Whether you are an independent boutique or a large multiplex, Ferco Seating can help you provide the ultimate cinematic experience.


Cinema is one of the most powerful forms of entertainment – a larger than life screen, comfortable cinema chairs, coupled with an incredible sound and lighting system. The movie theatre experience brings with it bold entertainment, a complete package providing total immersion in unbeatable style. The screen, sound, lighting and seats all contribute towards the unique experience and seating is a key feature.

We can work with you to create a beautiful cinema – designing an effective cinema seating plan that works in your space, complimented by state of the art, luxury seating which will provide your audience with unrivalled comfort and aesthetics.

The purpose of our design is to delight your audience, providing a greatly enhanced cinema experience and ultimately increasing your customer loyalty. 


Our Aladdin is made for children. Its functionality and special seating position make it the ideal place to relax and enjoy the film. The kids in the cinema will love having a special place to sit that is all their own!

These seats also make great overflow seating for little guests. A new product line, ideal for the first rows in cinemas.

  • Tactile shape
  • Reclining position
  • Made up of an open cell foam mat
  • Upholstered by means of leatherette over a wood board
  • Headrest made up of high-recovery open cell foam padding

  • Region: Global
  • Country: Global
SGBC certified
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