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Charcoal Making Machine

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Charcoal Making Machine

Beston charcoal making machine is combined with the newest generation of carbonizing technology. It integrates safety design, combustible gas recycling system and de-dusting system. With its eco-friendly and efficient system, investors can get considerable profits from final quality charcoal. Besides, we offer a series of pre-sales services and post-sales services. When you do charcoal making business, Beston machines are certainly a great option.

Beston charcoal making machine refers to the equipment to make biomass charcoal under high-temperature and non-oxygen situations. Through the pyrolysis process, the carbon and hydrogen elements in the raw material are converted into a mixture of combustible gases with high calorific value, such as hydrogen, methane, ethane and carbon monoxide. At the same time, charcoal is made.

Raw Materials for Beston Charcoal Making Equipment

Biomass Waste

There are many kinds of biomass waste that can be applied to make charcoal, including wood, coconut shell, rice husk, palm kernel shell, coffee bean shell, olive shell, sawdust, straw, sugarcane bagasse, bamboo, etc. Every year, a large of biomass waste is wasted or burned. When customers take this machine, waste carbonized biomass has high commercial value in the market.

Sewage Sludge

Sewage sludge is the residual during industrial sewage treatment or municipal wastewater treatment. When waste is discharged, large amounts of heavy metals will remain in the sludge. Besides, bacterial reproduce rapidly in the sludge, which is harmful to our environment. After carbonized, the sewage sludge is harmless. And it will generate profits for investors. Recycle civil sludge, municipal sludge and industrial sludge now.

Municipal Solid Waste

Municipal solid waste contains green waste, food waste, paper, plastic, organic waste, kitchen waste, etc. If we can’t deal with this waste well, waste will cause a series of pollution to air, soil and water. Beston carbonizing equipment can be used to carbonize MSW without pollution. In order to get a better carbonizing result, customers can get a suitable charcoal manfuacturing project business from Beston.

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Waste to Charcoal Reduce Carbon Emission
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