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Cardboard Recycling

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Cardboard Recycling

Recycling is at the center stage of the world today, what with the alarming rates of climate change and ever-increasing ecological imbalance. The least we can do is to help in the preservation of natural resources through recycling. One of the most widely used everyday household items is cardboard and if you are looking for cardboard recycling in Singapore, you have landed at the right website.

Almost all companies -big or small- use corrugated boxes for logistics and packaging, and if even half of them opt for cardboard recycling, it will not only reduce the company’s ecological footprint but will also make a positive impact on the environment.

Founded in the year 1972, Boon Poh refuse Disposal Pte Ltd has a vision to provide sustainable waste management solutions to help create a greener world for our future generations. Abiding by our vision statement, we help our clients recycle and reuse cardboard.

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