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Carbon Neutral Pool Construction

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Carbon Neutral Pool Construction

Ecozen is the only Queensland pool builder offering carbon offset construction across all of our projects. Our Carbon Neutral Pool Construction combines eco-friendly pools while still maintaining luxury. Contact us today and let us show you the future of pool building.

At Ecozen Pools we offer a unique carbon neutral concrete pool construction service. We provide this certified and accredited carbon offset construction feature on all of our projects! This allows our clients to enjoy a certified carbon neutral project from concept to completion.

We use a customised carbon calculator for each of the pools we build. This analysis calculates the total amount of carbon tonnage produced during your pool construction, includes all of the materials used to build your pool. Our calculations involve all of the excavation machines, the truck transport, the steel reinforcement, the concrete, the pebblecrete, the tiles AND the operating equipment for the pool.

We then calculate the total amount of carbon for your pool (approx 30 tonnes of CO2 on average for an 8m x 4m pool) and offset this total amount of carbon produced. How? By planting approx 200 trees, to balance out the carbon created in building your pool. Once your pool project is complete, it is then certified. We then provide our clients with a certificate of carbon-neutral construction from an independent auditing service.

We are proud partners and members of the – Carbon Neutral Plant A Tree Program. This is an Australian company which offers all Ecozen clients the option to carbon offset their pool construction via their native bush regeneration programs.


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  • Country: Australia
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