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Building Controllers

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Building Controllers

At the heart of the Reliable Controls MACH-System are peer-to-peer, fully programmable and networkable BACnet controllers that have been designed for the most pragmatic and discerning controls customer.

Our building automation products are meticulously engineered to provide convenient access, flexible application, and easy installation and expansion capability. All Reliable Controls building controllers are BACnet Listed with the BACnet Testing Laboratory (BTL).

BACnet Testing Labs BTL Certified Mark

About BTL Listed Products The BACnet Testing Laboratory is an unbiased testing lab for building control products. The BACnet Testing Laboratories (BTL), which is part of BACnet International, offers a product testing and listing program for products that have BACnet capability. The BTL's authorized test laboratories will test the BACnet functionality of a product to a set of requirements developed by the BTL that are based on ASHRAE Standard 135.1P. Products that meet the BTL's requirements are eligible to receive a BTL listing.

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