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Prevent heat and moisture build-up with the Broan® 345SOBK Solar Powered Attic and Garage Ventilation Fan.  Attics can reach over 150°F in summer, warming your living area, increasing the air-conditioning load and your energy bill. In winter, ice dams can form, and moist air can condense causing mildew, rotting wood and wet insulation. Year-round attic ventilation ensures a cooler, drier attic which can extend the life of your roof and air conditioner, while lowering air conditioning expense.   Besides the attic, this ventilation fan is also designed for one and two car garages.  Say goodbye to unbearable heat, humidity and unwanted smells that accumulate in the garage.

The Broan® 345SOBK Solar Powered Attic/Garage Ventilation Fan uses energy from the sun to operate and requires no additional electricity, which means you save up to $180 per year that you might pay to operate an electric powered attic and garage ventilation fan, depending on your local electric rates, size of attic, climate, etc... Plus, you can save even more with a 22% Federal Tax Credit on both the purchase price and installation costs of your Solar Powered Attic/Garage Ventilation Fan. Because these solar ventilation fans operate without fuel, waste, or pollution, they earn points towards Green building. So you can save money on electricity without using any to do it, which is green for the environment, and puts some extra green in your wallet.  For most roofs, our one piece Solar Powered Attic Ventilator is the perfect solution. Because our solar cells are highly efficient at capturing the sun’s energy, there is no need for unsightly raised panels or tracking systems. Instead, what you see is a low profile ventilator in a contoured design that integrates well with the roof.


Prevent heat and moisture build-up for a cooler, drier attic which can extend the life of your roof and air conditioner, while lowering air conditioning expense.

Fight heat, humidity buildup and unwanted smells inside the garage

Effectively ventilate a one car garage, either attached or detached from the home

28-watt solar panel captures sunlight from dawn to dusk and efficiently converts it into electric power to keep your attic cool and dry all day long, providing 537 Maximum CFM and year round protection for the structure of your home

12” diameter, one-piece aluminum 5-blade fan is pitched for maximum air flow to keep your living area cooler, extend the life of your air conditioner and save energy and money

Compact base footprint means fewer shingles to cut for easier, faster installation

Low profile, integrated design for an attractive, unobtrusive addition to your roof without the need for props or pivoting stands used by some manufacturers

Rugged, tempered glass solar panel withstands large hail and won’t delaminate so you can be confident in its reliability, functionality and attractive appearance

Housing is a molded design of UV-stabilized, color-dyed, rugged ABS plastic that withstands hail and resists fading to remain attractive for years

Housing frame features positive stops to “seat” the dome for fast, easy installation

Direct-current, variable voltage motor is dynamically balanced for superior performance and silent operation for years of worry-free operation

Includes stainless steel fasteners and galvanized steel brackets for durability and corrosion resistance

Optional Broan CWT45 thermostat (sold separately) is easy to install and disables the motor when the temperature dips below 50-degrees, to extend motor life; recommended for climates where cold weather condensation isn’t a concern

Heavy-gauge aluminum screen keeps out insects, animals or birds without impeding airflow

Rated for attics up to 3,200 cubic feet

Tested and approved for extreme hot and cold weather