Bleach Complex and Stain Remover

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Bleach Complex and Stain Remover

450 g    NET 16 oz (US)

900 g    NET 32 oz (US)

5 kg      NET 176 oz (US)

Ranges of application:

For bleaching white laundry

For removing stains and discolorations from

white and colour-fast fabrics

For brightening yellowed and greyish laundry

Effective from 50 °C upwards

Application / Dosage: 

Being without any petrochemical bleaching agents, the Sonett Bleach Complex and Stain Remover is not effective in the washing machine but from 50 °C (122 °F) upwards. If the bleaching agent can act for longer, e.g. having the laundry soak overnight in the Bleach Complex, it is effective at as low as 30 °C.

  • Region: ANZ and Oceania
  • Country: Australia
laundry and cleaning in harmony with nature, and especially with the water, in a considerate and revitalizing way.
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