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Biotle Water Bottle – 750ml

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Biotle Water Bottle – 750ml

To help everyone contribute in healing the damage made to this planet, we started finding alternatives from the smallest things that were causing a tonne of problems on this planet (Plastic Disposables). Our Water Bottle made of Stainless Steel on the inside with a Palm Fibre Sleeve outside intends on eliminating the single most problematic and unnecessary waste we all tend to generate – PACKAGED DRINKING WATER BOTTLE.

With the use of our products you can successfully skip buying water on-the-go and save a lot of money as well. Water is a free resource so why pay for it? One-time investment on our product can save you upto INR 7000/- every year. How cool is that?

A range of high quality stainless steel water bottles with non-removable fiber sleeve that are compact and convenient for one to carry. Biotle intends to be that lightweight and fashionable water bottle that people find easy to carry and also love to flaunt what they own. It is a perfect combination of utility, durability, style and convenience. It also makes an amazing Zero Waste Sustainable Gift. Its compactness makes it fit into any medium sized bag you wish to carry.


  • Region: Asia
  • Country: India
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