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Biogradable Phone Covers

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Biogradable Phone Covers

Do you know what the most frustrating thing about buying eco friendly, sustainable phone accessories is? Well, that's an easy question to answer - they are damn hard to find! And not to mention the limited, unique designs.

That's why we decided to take it upon ourselves and give you greater access to more eco friendly and sustainable products. Like our Biodegradable iPhone Cases. 

Don't feel guilty about upgrading your phone case or keeping a pile of 2 or 3 on rotation (because let's get real here, hygiene is important and phone cases MUST be washed + rotated - don't even start us on those germs). 

And there is an added bonus to purchasing Okiwi Fly cases. What's that you say?

We plant a tree for every case that is purchased! So it's a win win. You're happy, the environments happy and the trees are happy to have more friends around them. We are committed to bringing you beautiful designs on sustainable products whilst doing our bit to better the environment.

  • Region: Europe , North America , ANZ and Oceania
  • Country: United Kingdom , United States , Australia
Made of plant based material
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