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Biogas System Malaysia | Biogas Plant Malaysia

Biogas is a renewable energy source produced by the decomposition of organic matter. However, most of its sulfur content has to be removed before it can be used in the power generators. Our biological scrubber consists of two individual units, the biological scrubbing unit and the bioreactor unit.

In the scrubbing unit, sulfide free water also known as scrubbing liquid is sprayed into the scrubber with packing inserts of HDPE type. Biogas flows in a counter current direction and is washed with scrubbing liquid where most of the H2S from the biogas is dissolved forming hydrogen sulfide ions (HS-). The scrubbers are placed on top of the aeration basin (bioreactor unit) to allow gravity flow of the scrubbing liquid back into the inlet of aeration basin.

The bioreactor unit consists of an aeration basin and a floating aerator which is the final part of the process. This is where hydrogen sulfide ions (HS-) is converted into elemental sulfur. The scrubbing liquid from the scrubber tower is treated by intense aeration to reduce sulfide concentration.

In partnership with Evonik Industries, Periforce Sdn. Bhd. now introduce local industries the SEPURAN Green - the gas separation technology that comes with hollow-fiber membranes for supreme efficiencies and remarkable energy conservation.

SEPURAN Green membrane system is comprised of more than thousands hollow-fibers which constructed from high-performance polymers, bundled in the stainless steel vessel and implanted in a resin at the ends; and the membrane system can now endure the variety of gas mixtures under pressure and the whole system is specifically designed for biogas upgrading. In fulfilling the requirements of the international market, Evonik developed SEPURAN Green cartridge system that offers plant engineering companies the advantage of adapting housing flexibility to the local pressure regulation.

SEPURAN Green Membrane Technology also has the highest selectivity (the ratio of the transport speeds of two gases) and provide excellent technology for processing crude biogas. Hence, SEPURAN Green offers reduced operating cost and investment; simple to operate and the technology maximizes space efficiency but requires shorter installation time and no additional drying step required.

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