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Company location: Thailand


Biodegradable Cutlery

Using BIO Mat. as your first step in the process of “going green”

AdvancedBIO’s latest innovation is to combine blended minerals containing natural elements derived from plants and molded together with non-toxic and biodegradable polymers.

We then use the latest production process processes to custom create a purpose-fit consumer product similar to any current Grade A plastic item.


Using BIO Mat from Advanced BIO has three major advantages over our competitors and the traditional harmful single-use items.

  ⦁    Easy to eliminate - BIO Mat is fully compatible with current landfill systems in Thailand.

  ⦁    Safety for the environment - BIO Mat does not create micro-plastics which are proven for not harmful to marine wildlife in our rivers and oceans.

  ⦁    Fully recyclable - It can be grouped with conventional plastics in today’s recycling process.