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Biodegradable Adhesive - Jelly Glue

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Biodegradable Adhesive - Jelly Glue

Jelly glue, also called animal glue, looks similar to jelly. The glue in the printing and packaging industry is called jelly glue. Jelly glue is a new type of environmentally friendly adhesive, made of natural materials, and the main component is industrial gelatin (an animal glue, hot sol).

Jelly glue is used in the cover making of gift boxes, wine boxes, cosmetic boxes, tea boxes, hardcover book cases, photo albums, stamp albums, folders, dictionary dictionaries, etc. Production of high-end gift boxes Since animal protein, the main component of gelatin, does not contain benzene formaldehyde solvents, it is non-toxic and truly environmentally friendly. Will not pollute food and packaged items. Products produced with jelly glue are not deformed, not prone to mold and foam, and can enhance the stiffness of paper products. In addition to strong stickiness, jelly glue also has moderate softness, which makes hardcover books, recipes, dictionaries and dictionaries often broken.

  • Type:Interior
  • Region: Europe , Asia , North America
  • Country: Austria , Belgium , Bulgaria , Croatia , Cyprus , Czech Republic , Denmark , Finland , France , Germany , Greece , Hungary , Ireland , Italy , Netherlands , Poland , Portugal , Romania , Spain , Sweden , United Kingdom , China , United States
Made out of Biodegradable material.
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