Biocool BIO 30AV – Evaporative Cooler

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Our range of air cooling systems create a comfortable indoor atmosphere by maintaining an optimal combination of temperature and humidity which you can easily control. They are ideal for industrial spaces of any size, from warehouses and factories to office buildings and restaurants. Discover our range of commercial air cooling units and speak to an expert today.

BIO 30AV is an evaporative cooler that offers energy-efficient and natural cooling. Using no artificial refrigerants whatsoever, this system for fixed installation ensures continuous renewal of air in larger open or semi-open industrial facilities. The unit cleans and filters the air inside your space, thereby removing bad odours, smoke and gases.

Key features

Extremely energy-efficient – savings in all types of climates

Total heat management – control of multiple external units

Stable operation – stepless fan speed control

Clean internal environment – overpressure system

Extended air path protection – Dantherm AirMaze

Flexible installation – with variants for indoor and outdoor use

Low maintenance costs – long-life compact filter

Maximum security – remote monitoring and configuration

Integrated CC3000 control system for FB 900 units